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Wester Ross Spring

The solar light give a spotlight for two of our favourite plants. The erythronium , sometimes called dog-toothed violets, are not yet in flower but the buds will open any day.
Primula and Erythronium

The daffodils are letting us know that spring is here. The easterly winds are trying to tells us the opposite with a cold bite. However, the days are becoming warmer and yesterday, after a couple of hours gardening, was a day for sitting on the terrace in shorts and t-shirts.

The spring bulbs have done us proud but we are particularly pleased that we have a good show of primula and erythronium. The latter were planted after visiting Inverewe Gardens last year and learning a lot about them. They carpet much of the gardens with their delicate little lanterns at this time of year. It is the Erythronium Festival this week again at Inverewe but the cold weather has held the flowers back a little.

Nevertheless, we are pleased to see the buds ready to break out at any moment.


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